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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Back On The Blog Again With Roger's Chimichangas

aIt's been a BUSY 5 months.  Since December of 2013 we have been looking for a house.  Elizabeth thinks I have had enough fun full-timing and wants a permanent base.  Finally found one in Auburn Lake Trails near Auburn, CA.  A LOT of moving of "stuff", (mostly Elizabeth's).  Magic The Wonder Horse now has a pen in the complex about a mile from the house.  Bootsthekitty has made the transformation back to "outside kitty" and is happily running around the property, (.6 acre) climbing trees and chasing and being chased.  He comes in the garage at night and seems to like this arrangement.  "Playpen", the LazyDaze is in a storage yard about a mile away as I cannot park it at home due to Association Rules.  Can't offend the neighbors.  It has been along time getting everything out of storage and moving it in. 

View from back deck

We came from a 3000 square foot home + barn, to 1500 square feet and no barn. Fortunately, new house has plenty of storage including a partial basement.  Not much time for creative cooking or Traegering but I have had time to try a couple of new things.

I have made several turkey meat loaf and am now adding one pound of pork sausage to the two pounds of ground turkey.  This is a very tasty modification.  (BTW, while smooshing up the meat and spices by hand, I suddenly remembered that I now have my Kitchen Aid mixer out of storage to use for this messy task)  Next time!

Also made a batch of crock pot ham bone and pinto beans.  Took about 4 cups of the finished product and made refries by sautéing them down to pretty much a paste. 

During a Jeep tour with my Son (WHOLE 'nother story) Tristan suggested that we use flour tortillas instead of bread for sandwiches.  Just make roll ups.  No worry of smashing bread and no storage problems.  Saves a lot of space in the freezer as I had been freezing my bread to make it last.  Worked great.  Just make it like a sandwich and roll it up. 

Soooooo, I went shopping for flour tortillas and came up on these:

Hmmmmmmm, wraps, and they have two of my favorite words:  Jalapeno and Cheddar. 


Then, I thought CHIMICHANGA!  Rolled up some refries, couple of slices of ham and some Havarti cheese. 

Then rolled up and sautéed in olive oil.

Chimachanga! (sort of)


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  1. Welcome back, Missed your blog. I am going to try the chimachanga idea.


    1. ' Im considering cutting one of these in about 6 pieces to make pinwheel appetizers

  2. Yes! Your back, how utterly exciting to see you posting once again. Give Elizabeth & Boots a hug for me. And welcome back....

  3. Glad to see you posting again.

  4. I had a friend who lived in Auburn Lake Trails, beautiful place! Be careful if you hike or run on the trails - don't go by yourself. I lived in Placerville, Camino and Pollock Pines - not too far away from where you are. I LOVE it up there!!! :)