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Sunday, July 30, 2017

Quartzsite 2018

Group Description

NOTICE:  This is a work in progress.  I only posted it as I have worked on it so far
What has become the annual Lazy Daze Quartzsite Campout will be January 2018. If I remember correctly, this will be the 8th year. If you have been with us before, it will be in the same spot, off the Old Yuma Road, and BLM road 532. This is an informal group LazyDazer GTG, with no specific activities. It is dry camping with access to water and a dump station. We do happy hour, pot lucks, and camp fires pretty much spontaneously. We have had as few as 10 rigs and as many as 30 in the past. Newbies are welcome and if you don’t have any dry camping experience this is a great place to get your feet wet. (pun). You can contact me direct at Should be someone on the “Q” site by Jan 4, 2018. There are no assigned spaces; just pick a spot and set up. Very large open area. We are in walking distance to the “Big Tent” RV show January 20/28-2018. There are also acres/miles of flea market style shopping for the months. Easy to find. South of I10 on Hwy 95 that goes to Yuma. Something less than a mile is the La Posa West LTVA Kiosk. Pay your camping fee of $40 (cash or check only) for two weeks. Go straight in on the paved road and curve to the left. This is the Old Yuma Road and it turns in to gravel and dirt. About .8 in on the left is the road sign for BLM Road 532. People at the Kiosk can usually help you find us a well. If you look to the East at the 532 marker, about 100 yards, you should see us. Come on in! If you are going to be with us for more than a couple of days, a $10 donation to the campfire wood fund is appreciated.

This year, I hope to have some informal discussion groups regarding maintenance, upgrades, tricks, short cuts etc.  I have some show and tell stuff from my great furnace experience.

This is a YouTube I stumbled on a while back.  I don't know who filmed this but it is a great thumbnail on the experience.  Thanks to Whomever.

This is the road sign at Road 532

Hangin' out

Looks like sweets only

Setting up.  Yep, that's the Traeger Barbecue.  Most of my toys have to do with food.

A couple of years ago, there were a couple of  Sun Ovens  being used.  I got a little curious and decided to try one myself.  Amazon link to Sun Oven package  They have great functions beyond cooking.  If you have one, bring it.  If you are interested, we will have a discussion group and maybe a demo and/or competition.  As well as baking, you can dehydrate, make jerky and purify water.

You can even do your laundry while cooking in Sun Oven

Either the end of the day or the beginning of the day, they both look the same.

Climb Q Mountain

At the top

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